Hooniverse Asks- What has Been the Best TV Star Car?

Mannix Television stars have always been provided with the coolest of cars. TV detectives especially have long been outfitted not just with a shoulder holster and an entitled attitude, but with a car to match that gruff posture. From Martin Milner’s ’60 ‘Vette in ‘Route 66’ to the Ferraris of Don Johnson and Tom Selleck in the ’80s, having a cool car was pretty much all the bon fides any character needed to prove their TV mettle. As soul crushing as it may seem, most TV shows are heavily planned, scripted, and focus grouped before getting on the air. That means that K.I.T.T. in Nightrider being a Pontiac Firebird was no mere accident. That was product placement at its finest. Well, maybe not quite its finest as it wasn’t able to sustain the marque for more than a decade and a half after itself going off the air. TV star cars are stars unto themselves, especially for car nuts like us. After all, you may not remember the specifics of the Seinfeld episode where his car becomes fatally filled with mechanic B.O., but you sure as shinola know it was a BMW E34 that was so afflicted that even thieves steered clear. That’s just one notable TV show ride, and probably not one of the most noteworthy. Which one – from Columbo’s Peugeot, to Dylan McKay’s Porscche Speedster, do you think was the best TV star car? Image: Curbside Calssics  

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