Hoonivercinema: FY Racing does Sno*Drift

Rallying in America is not dead yet and you should allow FY Racing to prove it. The Rally America season is in full swing and one of the first and most spectacular events on the calendar is Sno*Drift in north Michigan. A few dozen rally cars go dashing through the snow in some back-country roads while spectators find a nice, safe-ish spot along the routes to build bonfires and get drunk to soak it all in.
Sounds like a place that has Hooniverse written all over it. Sno*Drift is one of the more popular events on the Rally America calendar, and if you take some time out of your day to watch this YouTube summary from FY Racing, it just might be enough to convince you to make plans for next year.
FY Racing themselves are just one of many teams taking part in Rally America, but what sets them apart from everyone else – and even most racing teams in general – is the quality of their YouTube channel.
For every event they run, they have an extremely talented and dedicated camera guy/crew following the action. The shots of course show the gritty behind-the-scenes footage from the FY Racing garage, who field two Subarus, but it also shows just how much fun rallying can be as both a spectator and a driver. But you also never forget how much of a challenge it can be.
If you enjoy their presentation of Sno*Drift, be sure to check out everything else they’ve got on their YouTube channel. They are, in my totally unbiased opinion, one of the best motorsport channels on YouTube.
[Source: FY Racing, YouTube]

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