An Audio Guide To The Mobil 1 Twelve Hours Of Sebring

Endurance racing is great. The current state of sports car racing is better than I’ve ever remembered it. The drivers are great, the cars are competitive, and the racing is practically non-stop. There used to be a time when there was an off-season, but it seems like that doesn’t happen anymore. Sebring is this weekend, and you absolutely have to watch it, this one is going to be good. Four classes of spectacular racing for twelve non-stop hours, what could be better? To bring you up to speed, Eric Rood and I made this audio guide that will tell you all you need to know about the front runners for each class, and we give our own predictions on who might take the win.

It’s important to note that BMW first won Sebring 40 years ago, and to celebrate, they’re bringing out this gorgeous throwback livery for their Z4 coupes. Could they get a win on that anniversary? They just might.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – The 12 Hours Of Sebring Preview

Live audio will be available at
Live Timing and Scoring
Entry List
Race facts and stats
Andy Blackmore’s Spotter Guide
If you’re a Porsche nerd like I am, I go a bit more in-depth in my Preview and Twitter Guide for
For further live updates, follow the race on Twitter using the official hashtag #Sebring12 and the official twitter feed @sebringraceway.
If you’re not really familiar with Sebring, here are a couple of videos you should watch.
1. I mention this video in the podcast, it’s the Muscle Milk car on a shaker rig simulation lap of Sebring.

2. Way back in 2007, there was an epic battle for the finish in GT2 (now known as GTLM) between a Porsche and a Ferrari. Just the fact that they were that close together after 12 hours should tell you what kind of racing goes on at Sebring.

3. We also mention this in the podcast, so here’s video of Gaston Kearby being a complete moron.

4. And finally, if you have nothing to do between now and Saturday, maybe watch the 2014 race in its entirety on YouTube. (Trigger warning: lots of crashes and terrible officiating)
Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

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  1. The Rusty Hub Avatar
    The Rusty Hub

    You can see T17 on the shaker rig footage, about 10-15 seconds from the end. That huge bump is its own legend in American motorsport; some of the Porsches will tricycle there with the front-right (!) up in the air as they clear it.

    1. The Rusty Hub Avatar
      The Rusty Hub

      I also recommend this video. Watch in 1080p if you can.

    2. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      I had a lot of fun trying to visualize the lap that was being done on the shaker rig. T17 was exactly where I thought it was… lol

  2. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    “All Dutch people are robots.”-Eric

  3. Jimmyb_84 Avatar

    link for Facts and stats is now this has had a quick update
    Thank you for including it