Fantasy Finds Friday: Factory Five Type 65 Coupe

ffr coupe

It was a BMW wagon that tickled my fancy last Friday. Now though I’m turning back to some American muscle. In 2013, I got to spend two glorious days driving a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe for an upcoming episode of American Detours. That car was sensational, and it proved to be a wonderful way to blast across Texas highways and right through downtown San Antonio on past the Alamo. The car highlighted a glaring hole in my life.. the fact that I don’t own one myself.

Today’s Fantasy Find would rectify that. It’s a FFR Type 65 coupe for sale that I found on the Factory Five Forums. How much more fun can you have for under $40,000?

ffr coupe rear

The inspiration for the car obviously comes from the original Daytona Cobras produced by Shelby. Seeing as only six of those were ever built, and they cost many millions, I will never own one. A Type 65 Coupe, on the other hand, could be within my grasp sometime in the future. This particular example is painted in a unique shade of red, which helps it stand out further but the standard blue and white paint work would be fine as well. Were it my car, I would go full evil on it and paint everything black. The car is menacing, so lets make it look the part even further.

Here are the full specs on the car per the seller.

So that is my Fantasy Find for Friday… show me yours.

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