Charity Auction RAM 2500 is Man-of-Steel Manly

Lede Sadly, I’m not a big-enough comic book fan to know if Superman owned a car, but I figure that since Clark Kent lived in the booming metropolis of… uh… Metropolis that he probably didn’t so much need a car since he can take public transportation in his mild-mannered reporter state and can soar high over the skyline in Save-the-Day mode. But if Clark Kent had instead been, say, a farmer near Farming Hamlet, State, or perhaps a logger in Lumber Town, Province, then he likely would have had wheels like this custom RAM 2500 being auctioned off to benefit LA Family Housing. "Man Of Steel" NYC Premiere Sponsored By RAM Sure, Clark would probably have been trying to keep a low profile so the custom Superman  graphics might be a bit of a giveaway, but if you were capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound, you might like something to remind you occasionally of how awesome you are. On the inside, Superman badges adorn just about everything so that its owner feels a swelling sense of pride as he lorded over the road with Ram-enabled superpowers. "Man Of Steel" NYC Premiere Sponsored By RAM Of course, a big ego is not Superman’s Kryptonite (Turns out that Kryptonite is Superman’s Kryptonite), so maybe this one is for more of a collector with a weak spot for movie cars. This truck wasn’t featured in Man of Steel, but it appeared at the film’s premiere draped in a pewter-blue hue (through paint and textured vinyl wrap). The finish, mated with the metallic-red grille and blacked-out 17-inch wheels, would only serve to deepen the rift between the Man of Steel and his super-jealous richy-rich-Mr. Moneybags-bad-guy Lex Luthor. Rear So how much a truck like this cost? The truck’s Charitybuzz page lists its value at $112,674, which might seem like a lot until you realize that a fully optioned-out Ram 2500 pushes $65,000.  The auction ends Wednesday and the current bid sits at $47,500. Maybe I’m a few pennies short of a dollar or maybe I’m just having delusions of eternal optimism, but I have little trouble picturing myself  in this truck’s driver’s seat, checking my rearview mirror to see a Kryptonite-themed Plymouth Reliant on an open trailer behind me en route to a 24 Hours of LeMons race.   [Photos: Charitybuzz]

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