A Trifecta of '66 Mercuries; I'll Take Them All!

mercury s55 for saleLeMons’ “deduct parts sold from the purchase price” rule may account for 95% of the vehicles generating “OMG NO WAY THAT’S $500!” butthurt. If you happen to know the street price of a few key interior or trim bits from, say, an e36 M3, you can get a wretched, somewhat-crunched, high-mileage example into Class A with a mountain of bribes and some penalty laps.

While I have no aspirations of class-A domination, the same logic tends to send me down a road that ends in running a brand-specific junkyard permanently. Case in point: this ’66 Mercury Colony Park wagon showed up in my searches, as did the S-55 behind it. Turns out the seller has two S-55s and the Colony Park currently for sale. There appears to be a later sedan and ’66-ish wagon in the background as well, but not listed. The ’66 S-55s are particularly notable, as it was the only year where the S-55 was technically its own model, rather than a trim/option on the Monterey. I smell rat pee an opportunity to come out ahead with a threesome! Wait…

1966 mercury s-55 convertible for sale1966 mercury colony park for sale

Of the three, the S55 convertible is potentially the most valuable, as they only made 145 of them, with this one originally sporting a Q-code 428ci V8. Of course that 428’s long-gone (probably into a Mustang that’s long since been wrapped around a tree), but we’re offered a 410 as a consolation prize. The S-55 hardtop and Colony Park Wagon are probably more interesting to enthusiasts, depending on what you’re into, but neither of them has a motor either.

Were it me, I’d buy the lot for a couple grand, then put either the wagon and the hardtop on the track powered by the convertible’s 410 and whatever other FE Craigslist yields. Strip them down to the essentials and sell the take-offs along with a slightly cleaned-up convertible for what you bought the whole pile for. Maybe see if you can get the ‘Vert running (in a fashion) with a donor motor just to bump the desirability a notch. Also, anyone suggesting scrapping the wagon for metal gets an IP ban.

1966 Mercury S-55 Convertible for sale – eBay Motors
1966 Mercury S-55 hard top for sale – eBay Motors
1966 Mercury Colony Park Station Wagon for sale – eBay Motors

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  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    He’s got a roping saddle, too, but that’s $700.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Getting these sorted and running should yield a trophy in its own right.

  3. Alff Avatar

    A threefer deal is more appealing when the cars combined yield at least one complete unit. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.

    1. mad_science Avatar

      I count 3 rear axles, 2 transmissions and 1 motor.

  4. CruisinTime Avatar

    These were wallowing old pigs when new, rust in Peace.

    1. mad_science Avatar

      What’s wrong with wallowing pigs?

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        They have bacon!

    2. Jay Avatar

      I’ve had some rollicking good times in a ’67 wallowing pig. Saw “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” at the drive-in in a Park Lane convert back in the 70’s. The last set of bias-ply tires I bought (for a daily driver) went on it – those G-78-15’s lasted 23,000 miles, with careful rotation, and defined the “wallowing pig” category. Overheard comment, circa 1979: “My God! That’s huge!” You could, with the top down, steering wheel tilted up and the seat all the way back, walk in one open door, step over the hump and exit the car out the other open door. Vive the wallowing pig!