Truck Central: Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

I was hoping to find the keys to a Tacoma TRD Pro in my hand. Instead, the key fob read TRD Sport. The difference there is rather massive when it comes to soaking up some bumps away from the pavement. Regardless, I wanted to see what the TRD Sport could do so I ventured off road anyway.
What I found in the Tacoma TRD Sport is a solid truck with a few flaws, one of which isn’t necessarily the fault of the truck itself. First off, the seats are oddly uncomfortable. Not the material, as I love a good cloth seat. But rather the actual position of the seat feels a bit too high. Second, unless you have ECT-Power pressed then the transmission is in full Eco-Warrior mode with no concerns about your request for power. Finally, the as-tested price is $38k. That’s the one that I don’t feel falls directly on the shoulders of Toyota, as all new vehicles are expensive. Still, that number feels about $8k-$10k too high to me.
It’s still a Tacoma though, which means it’s built to last forever. The 3.5-liter V6 makes over 270 horsepower, and the cabin space finds a nice balance between truck style and updated amenities without going too far in one direction or the other.
It’s a good truck. With fresh competition from an inbound Ford Ranger, I hope it becomes a great truck once again.

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