senna donnington lap

Start your Friday with Senna’s lap of Donington Park from 1993

I am sure the embedded video below will require you to click through and watch it on the F1 YouTube channel. They don’t really get how the Internet works, but that’s okay because the video IS up on their channel. This video is worth a watch every time I come across it, as it is a tremendous display of driving ability. The stage is the 1993 European Grand Prix and it unfolds at Donington Park in the UK. Ayrton Senna starts a few spots back from the start as rain falls over the grid.

He then goes on to immediately put out a master class in wet-weather driving.

You’ve seen it before. Watch it again. And smile as you roll into the weekend.

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2 responses to “Start your Friday with Senna’s lap of Donington Park from 1993”

  1. SoCalboomer Avatar

    just friggin outstanding! 🙂

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Lovely – also with the on-track-advertisements: Beer, smoke and gaming consoles. ? Donington Park used to be one of my favourites in TOCA, a PC game about the BTCC.