Top Gear's giant Stig is erected in Warsaw, Poland

warsaw poland stig top gear 2
Top Gear sent a giant, 9-meter (30-foot), Stig to Warsaw, Poland. The statue was placed in front of the Russian-built (a gift from the Soviet Union – oh geez, thanks, don’t worry about all the murders, destruction, and oppression you have caused) Palace of Culture and Science, because when you think Top Gear you think culture and science.
The Stig is there to promote BBC’s new channel called BBC Brit, which as you may imagine is British. The fiberglass Stig took a three sculptors over two months to create. More pics and video of giant Stig erection after the jump.

warsaw poland stig top gear

warsaw poland stig top gear 3
warsaw poland stig top gear 4

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  1. Drzhivago138 Avatar

    Warning: Do not Google "giant Stig erection."

  2. stigshift Avatar

    Polen Uber Alles!!