Three-Wheel Thursday: New 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3

Can-Am-Spyder-F3-First-Official-Photo Back around the middle of the month, some camo’d spy shots showed up on the Internet, showing what appeared to be a new Sypder model from Can-Am. Then on the 18th, some crisp, non-camouflaged photos surfaced that clearly showed Can-Am and Spyder logos on the bodywork. Two days later, (assuredly because of the news leaks), Can-Am hastily announced that the new machine is, indeed, headed to production as the Spyder F3, and should show up in dealers around October as a 2015 model. Other than releasing a single official photo (the lede image above) with the tagline “New muscular design. Our boldest ride yet,” Can-Am is otherwise still holding their cards close to the chest. While details on the new machine are still sketchy, we do know it will have the same 3-cylinder inline engine and six-speed transmission that debuted in the 2014 Spyder RT. The new machine is definitely a different direction for Can-Am. all-new-can-am-spyder-f3-efi-spotted-with-no-camouflage-photo-gallery_8 The styling and seating position take their cues from 2-wheeled “muscle-cruisers” such as the Harley V-Rod, Yamaha V-Max and Suzuki Boulevard M109. The prominent cowl scoops are especially reminiscent of the V-Max. Previous Spyders have had extensive bodywork that was a bit too overstyled and swoopy; they look a bit like the love child of Chris Bangle and an alien mothership. The new F3 employs an odd mix of more exposed mechanicals on the sides and back, along with chunky, square, very automotive, almost vintage-musclecar-ish shapes around the grille and frunk area. The styling seems partially necessary for the feet-forward ergonomics, but BRP took a PR battering from unhappy owners of 2013 V-twin models over perceived heat issues; on the F3, the radiators seem to be moved forward, in the front of the nose, rather than the old location behind the front wheels. The engine compartment is also much more open to outside air. This might be styling, but it might also be a solution to keep heat away from riders’ legs. all-new-can-am-spyder-f3-efi-spotted-with-no-camouflage-photo-gallery_3 When I first saw the camouflaged photos, I thought that the odd, loopy protrusions on either side of the instruments surely should be hidden, as if some sort of windshield or bodywork was missing. Nope, the official photo shows that the production version really does do without any sort of screen or upper fairing. (One of the spy shots, above, does show a small, tinted flyscreen, which I assume to be an optional accessory.) I can’t imagine the high bars and laid-back seating arrangement will be very relaxing once you add the wind blast of highway speeds, but I suppose there are plenty of V-Rod riders who don’t seem to mind it. You can view a whole gallery of photos showing the new F3 in a variety of colors and angles over at Then come back and tell us if the F3 appeals you any more or less than Can-Am’s past offerings. PHOTO CREDITS: Bombardier Recreational Products,

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