The Revs Institute Reopens The Collier Automotive Museum For We Hoon's Enjoyment

IMG_2253 So the burg this olelongrooffan calls home is located in the extreme southwestern part of the Sunshine State. It is in Collier County which was named after Barron Gift Collier. He was a pretty rich dude back in the day and owned over a million acres of land here in southwest Florida. Now, I can hear my fellow Hoons asking, “Why is this relevant here in the Hooniverse, longroof?” Well fellow Hoons, it’s like this. IMG_2254[1] Like many rich dudes, his sons got into automobiles and automobile racing. In fact, sons Miles and Sam founded what eventually became the Sports Car Club of America. Miles Collier, Briggs Cunningham and Cameron Argetsinger also built Watkins Glen. Miles and Sam Collier were big time into sports car racing back in the 1950’s participating in sports car events around the world. Their Mom hated the fact they raced cars and it was Sam’s death at the wheel in a sports car race that sealed the deal for the family. Miles, however, stayed tangently involved in the sports car scene, including picking up Brigg’s collection of classic cars for inclusion in his own collection. (Incidentally, that Road Work Ahead sign our Rusty friend acquired a whiles back was shamelessly stolen lovingly found in Miles City, Florida here in Collier County, Florida.) IMG_2248 In 1992, the Collier Automotive Museum opened here in the somewhat obscure town of Naples, Florida and this olelongrooffan was fortunate enough to have been able to tour that museum for the short time it was open to the public. In 1994, the powers that be closed the Museum to the general public and no matter what I tried, I could no longer gain access to view that hallowed collection of motorcars. And I would suspect my fellow Hoons know that this olelongrooffan tried. I even tried to get fellow Hoon contributor Jim Yu in during one of his visits to my neck of the woods a few years ago. I Mean I Really, Really Tried. IMG_2249 But my buddy TheKenMan? Well that old man (actually only 10 years older than this olelongrooffan) scored a visit to the Grand Gala Reopening Party at the newly christened Revs Institute Car Museum as is evidenced by the tickets in that Hot Wheel clad image a couple up. And being the kind of guy he is, he passed them along to this olelongrooffan. The consequences of this action on his part? Well, fellow Hoons, these VIP tickets are good for free admission to the Collier Auto Museum pretty much anytime, and as many times as I wish, so long as this olelongrooffan doesn’t mind scheduling all of those free tours in advance. And I got two tickets. IMG_2250 So a whiles back while I had a hall pass from the toney community I seem to spend most of my time in these days, this olelongrooffan harkened down to see what had changed since the last time I had done a drive by, 20 something years ago. IMG_2251 Well, trust this olelongrooffan when I tell youse guys that not much has changed at all. Still classic Lancias, Brass Era Rolls Royces with a few classic Porsche racecars in the background just observing their highly desirable older comrades being serviced. Don’t worry my fellow Hoons, even though the last time this olelongrooffan was in that museum they didn’t allow images of the interior of it, I would suspect we’ll be enjoying some clandestinely gathered images of it real soon. Until then, remember to Celebrate Life. Images Copyright Hooniverse 2o14/longrooffan  

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