The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 83 – Manual Labor W/ Blake Z. Rong

C&T 83

Yes, you read that right. We coaxed the lovely and talented Mr. Rong out of Early Podcast Retirement to be a guest on the C&T show. Jason, Cam, and Brad are all on this one, too, and we have lovely conversations.

This episode’s topics include: The 3 D’s, some more SEMA discussion, Brad’s recent car failure, Manual Transmissions, Porsche GTs, Millenial stuff, Cam drives an M3, “Boosted Chick”and pretty much whatever Blake wants to talk about (including chocolate). As usual, click past the jump to see our weekly DashCam videos.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Manual Labor W/ Blake Z. Rong

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Here’s that Boosted Chick video that we mentioned. This video is hard to watch…


1. Brad drives home in the snow on summer tires… And does skids…


2. Jason drives to SEMA with Chris Hayes.



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3 responses to “The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 83 – Manual Labor W/ Blake Z. Rong”

  1. Craig Blanton Avatar
    Craig Blanton

    Blake, how much did you pay for that bad Motto Guzzi? 😀

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      Is it you or your girlfriend in this income tax bracket?

  2. Roody Avatar

    That first video is actually harmful to the eyes, ears, brain, soul…wonder if her car is green?

    Good episode guys, keep em coming