Swedish Cars Living and Dying in Poland

feature This is another post in series where we look at the cars that are currently living and dying in Poland. The cars and trucks are grouped by the countries of their origin, and divided their World War II alliances. So far this year we looked at interesting, weird, and obscure oldtimer/newtimer cars produced by the Allied Powers, specifically ‘Murican Cars and French Cars. Today we’ll break away from the norm and look at a neutral country – Sweden. Swedish neutrality has had some gray areas, as the country has assisted both powers with transportation, sales of iron ore, military training, and refuge for Danish and Norwegian Jews. In the end, Churchill accused Sweden playing, and profiting from, both sides of the conflict while ignoring moral issues. Politics and history aside, following the war Sweden went to produce the iconic Saabs and Volvos which not only dominated Swedish roads but were also exported all over the world. In addition, both GM and Ford had factories in Sweden at one point. But it was not Swedish car production, but rather the truck production where biggest profits were generated. Along the way, each company has had a number of financial dramas which are still present today. Enjoy the pictures, as usual they all come from the awesome zlomnik.pl and its awesome readers. Thanks! For more similar reading, check out the Axis Powers cars living and dying in Poland. There were West German cars, East German Cars, Japanese cars, and Italian cars. 1fot23_zps3f74f66c 1fot26_zps34da78c9 SONY DSC

Probably not the most effective plow… and totally home made.

bulg03_zps68b70bdf bzika11_zps37bc6a0e hk17_zpsfa8eef0c hk31_zpsa3b23e40

I was under the impression that these were U.S. spec lights only, unless this car has been imported from the U.S., which is entirely possible.

holz23_zps5b23ac1e kosm20_zpse9cacf8d kosm28_zpsb81d7e71

So square, yet so hip.

kosm32_zps0f5b030b luty02_zps3ad496c4 luty17_zps46bc86f1 mar21_zpsa18d17c4

Clearly a Saab connoisseur.

mc57_zps41e60247 mjak19_zps75716461

Not a picture from Poland, but I don’t think that matters, because it looks awesome.






I spy a Polonez and a RAM ProMaster!


I hope someone saves this.


The van is an FSO Nysa.




So classy!!


Heh, it says “WAD”



Since pickup trucks are expensive, inefficient, and lack passenger utility, small utility trailers are very popular.




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