Podcast: Episode 60 – DRIVEing down the lane

Podcast-Image-Lead-60 This week I’m joined by podcast producers Chris Hayes and Zack Klapman. Zack just got back from Europe where he is now a field producer with the /DRIVE team. The big news, of course, being that /DRIVE will be appearing on NBC Sports. Klapman talks a bit about his journey across the pond. Chris recently bought a scooter, and we dive into that a bit as well. (I drove it, it’s awesome and confirms my need for a Ruckus) New car chatter involves the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, GM woes, and … something that isn’t a car at all, but a plane. There’s a bit of info on the Civic and also the Wombat as well. Listen in and enjoy! Hooniverse – DRIVEing down the lane Please head to iTunes to rank and review our podcast. The more ratings, reviews, and views we receive the better chance we have of winning the title of Podcast Prom King and Queen.

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