Parking Garage Sightings – Lancia Gamma Coupé

lancia_gamma_coupe_2 A good friend, Joe, sometimes whips out his camera when he’s out and about. This results in excellent car sightings that apparently are exactly to my taste, and I have to say he’s one hundred percent correct. Take this as proof: a perfectly preserved or meticulously restored Lancia Gamma, and the ultra-classy coupé version too. Spotted in La Spezia, Italy, it’s certainly special. lancia_gamma_coupe_4 This is what it looks like when Giorgetto Giugiaro Aldo Brovarone, at Pininfarina does a three-box, two-door design. The Gamma is wonderfully straight-lined, and the silver paint just accentuates the folded sheetmetal look. Remember, this was 1977. lancia_gamma_coupe The face is unquestionably ’70s-’80s Lancia-like. The 2000 badge in the back notes the car has the carbureted two-litre flat four. lancia_gamma_coupe_1 lancia_gamma_coupe_3 The Gamma’s design is in fact so restrained, that only the convex rear deck and the side swages are there to lighten the mood. And still, they do it with absolute deadpan delivery. [Images: Joe W]

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