Names that should return: Go Go Goggomobil!


There are defunct brands out there which, I’m sure, would be all the rage if they were to reappear. Brands where the name either means something symbolic or is just somehow very cool.

For example; I’d love, today, to be able to choose between Jaguar or Armstrong Siddeley for my top-rung British limo, and I’d much rather run about in a little tiny new Nash than an entry-level Chevy. And pretty close to the top of the list of names which could be easily marketed right now, what fun loving kid would refuse a new 21st century Goggomobil as their first car?


Goggomobil, of course, is a model name, the company was called Glas, and were eventually absorbed into BMW after producing a slew of absolutely amazing V8 engined saloon cars and limousines. Unfortunately, the way I understand things, the big cars they built were seen as a bit of a threat to the BMW Heartland, and so Munich decided to kill Dingolfing off. The Goggomobil, though, comes from happier times where microcars were in vogue across Europe, where it presumably appealed to those people for whom BMW’s Isetta was just that little bit too ridiculous. It benefited from at least being roughly the same shape as a car, having for example, actual doors on the side of the bodywork.


Today the microcars of the late 50’s and 60s have a viciously passionate following, even though for much of the population they are seen as amusing curiosities or cutesy occasional toys at best. This is, of course, all wrong, and I’m sure it’s not just MG Metro enthusiasts who will agree with me. So, assuming BMW now own the Goggomobil name, what better way of encouraging kids to grow into the brand than by relaunching Goggo as a sub-Mini offering? Come on, it would be terrific! Who’s with me?

We will not accept SUV variants under ANY circumstances.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Chris Haining]

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