Last Call- You Take Me Higher Edition

Circuit maps can certainly show you all the corners and the lengths of the straights, but they can’t tell you what kind of roller coaster ride those turns and straight might actually be. That’s why I find the elevation maps of race tracks so fascinating. This one, for New York’s Watkins Glen track, shows not only the aggressive corners and wide open straights, but how much gravity is going to be working for your/against you throughout the track.
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Image: S2KI

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  1. roguetoaster Avatar

    WGI is certainly one of those tracks with a big change in elevation. But have you ever though of making cookies* (really tiny cookies) out of your favorite track? Neither had I, but the idea in the link below is good for a laugh (*don’t use them as cookie cutters as the plastic will melt and everyone who eats one of the cookies will probably perish). Topographical track are also apparently available, even so, those little printed tracks don’t do the real things any justice versus being there in non-virtual reality.

  2. ptschett Avatar

    I wish NASCAR would run “the boot”. They had a bad crash in the bypass lane during the 2014 Sprint Cup race that would have been alleviated if they ran the full course.
    In other news, my upcoming 2015 Challenger R/T (5.7L, 8-speed, Super Track Pack) is still on a train car somewhere between Brampton and me. I’m glad I ordered it when I did, in early January; of all the days in late January or throughout February that it could have been built, it was built on my birthday.

    1. roguetoaster Avatar

      Awesome! I always wanted to find an old 3 series built on my birthday/birth year, which happens to be a Saturday. But no worries, they apparently built cars on Saturdays!
      Congrats on the Challenger! Hope it gives you many, many enjoyable years!

    1. Vairship Avatar

      I like it, partly because I’ve got a German Shepherd/Corgi?Bassett Hound running around here that looks vaguely like that!