Last Call- Tattoo You Edition

I was originally looking at a bunch of questionably chosen car-related tattoos, when I came across this one and said to myself, hey, that’s not half bad. In fact, I can imagine leaning this arm on the parts store counter and gaining a whole new level of respect.
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Image: Deavita

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  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    is the image reversed? That's the arm you hang out the window, and it looks like the steering wheel is on the incorrect side, which would reinforce the idea that the image has been flipped.
    Also, if you like rebuilding engines, then these wrist pin tattoos are for you!
    <img src="; width="200/">

    1. PotbellyJoe ★★★★★ Avatar
      PotbellyJoe ★★★★★

      That or British Model T owner, haha.

    2. Lokki Avatar

      There are some side benefits to having a tattoo like that on your forearm – for example- it will force you to stay in shape or those tires are going to go flat.

  2. Feds_II Avatar

    "Sweet Tat Brah, is that your car?"
    "No man, I just saw this tat on the internet and thought it'd look sweet leaning on the parts counter. What are the cheapest brake pads you have for an '04 Sonata?

  3. Krush454 Avatar

    My brother has wanted to get the tire track of the bogger tire around his arm for years. I think it would be awesome

    1. r_toaster Avatar

      There are cheaper ways to accomplish that, just be sure to select hard terrain as the canvas for the media to sit on.

  4. Preludacris Avatar

    Today I saw the new Chevy Colorado for the first time. It looks like a full size truck. I didn't get close enough to judge how big it actually is, but it's styled to look huge. The hood line and bed sides are stupid high. As in, this guy in the Motor Trend photo is probably stashing his backpack in the cab because he gave up on getting it into the bed.
    <img src="; width="600">

    1. r_toaster Avatar

      And they say we can't have a ROW Ranger because of this exact reason.
      Also, looks like it's missing a rocker cover or a step up bar, and there does not appear to be a fancy winch system for the spare tire. Maybe it has manual windows and no cup holders too! Rejoice, the right sized actual truck is back, maybe!

      1. Preludacris Avatar

        As in, the global Ranger would be too close in size to the F150?
        I struggle to predict how this truck will sell. I haven't looked at prices but it would have to undercut the Tacoma dramatically to win any Toyota fans. Meanwhile, my domestic-truck-driving friends seem to always want a bigger truck than whatever they have now.
        It's the vehicular equivalent of a super-sized diet coke. But there are people who order those.

        1. Tim Odell Avatar
          Tim Odell

          I'd be shocked if they could convert Tacoma loyalists.
          There's just too long-standing of a history of Toyota making long-lasting, easily modified and serviced compacts, with GM having the opposite.

          1. Preludacris Avatar

            "Loyalists," no.
            Those who haven't owned one yet, want one, but find out the Colorado is $4k cheaper? Maybe. I looked it up:
            • Colorado 2wd manual $19,900 CAD
            • Tacoma 2wd manual $23,985 CAD
            Both MSRP excluding destination.
            I think saving $4,000 would be a good enough reason for some people to take a look at it.

          2. Sjalabais Avatar

            Very interesting discussion and a good point: 4000$ is no less but a meaty 17% in difference! But…based on a drop of experience and a bucket of prejudice, I'd assume the Toyota is 100% better, too.
            Btw, I have no clue who would downvote Tim on the above comment (loyalists, maybe?), but I tried to fix that.

          3. Preludacris Avatar

            Some grump who has forgotten that when GM first wanted to sell small trucks, they re-badged Japanese ones…

    2. Krautwursten Avatar

      Makes ya wonder why they even drove to the mountains if they can just climb their Colorado.

    3. ptschett Avatar

      I really like the Colorado/Canyon's size. But, I own a Dakota, and my ideal full-size pickup dimensionality is something like an '80-'96 Ford F-150 (which was still low enough for an easy reach over the box side, even on a 4×4.)
      The garages where I live aren't long enough to accept some full-size configurations, and I have to admit some schadenfreude when I see neighbors drive home in a shiny new Ford or Chevy extended or crew cab and proceed to waste an hour before they realize there's no good way to fit 232-235" of pickup in 231" of garage. New Rams fit fine lengthwise (barely) unless they're 3/4-tonners, or have a brush bar, or are the crew cab with 6.4-foot box combo. I'd have no problem with my preferred Ram combination (regular cab short box) but I would really have to watch the extra 6" of width.

      1. Preludacris Avatar

        I didn't think of the idea that some might buy this truck simply because it fits in their garage. That's a good point.

    4. Msamt1 Avatar

      I was close to pulling the trigger on a Canyon around Christmas, for the parkability. They weren't budging on price much then, ended up with a Ram v6 4wd bighorn for 4k less. Its a big truck the GM, and really the perfect size. Happy with the ram, but an extra 6 inches long and wide has a big impact.

    1. Maxichamp Avatar

      Do it!

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Just checked…can get to Moskva for as little as 240$. Hm. Brain overload.

        1. Stu_Rock Avatar

          …and now you have just filled up my entire week's evening web browsing plans.

          1. Sjalabais Avatar

            Haha, I am still lost! I am already working overtime to finish two projects at work before Easter, so I'm not going anywhere now. But I've been talking to a friend who's fluent in Russian…the 1979 Volga 24 and this "urgent, need money" 1989 UAZ 469 is what we'd take home today, if we could. Nothing will happen in the real world, most probably, but it's fun to dream…

  5. CoastieLenn Avatar

    What happened to the right side headlight?

  6. Krautwursten Avatar

    The news are still three days away, so I see no other option but to post this here. The Toyota (GT)86/FRS/BRZ is getting a facelifted, retro inspired special edition for women in Japan. The "xStyle Cb" also features upgraded brakes, a lower suspension and factory 18 inch wheels. Ladies and Gentlehoons, I need your opinions.
    <img src="; width="600/">
    Source and possibly image credit: <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    1. Preludacris Avatar

      Nice Solstice coupe.

    2. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

      I want to see the rest of the car that front end should go on.
      What I mean is, the front is completely different and the rest is completely the same. With paint.
      I am neither retro nor feminine, but I have a feeling those wheels aren't either.

    3. Sjalabais Avatar

      Looks a bit unfinished, but not bad at all.