Jimmie Johnson Thinks He's A Scientist

Jimmie Johnson is a race car driver. Jimmie Johnson thinks he’s a scientist. In the above video, Professor Johnson uses his scientific mind to find better tools for a variety of jobs… one of which involves which oil you should be putting in your car.
The video is a bit on the hokey side, but the end is actually pretty funny. Also, we’re about to undergo a video adventure of our own thanks in part to Valvoline. Stay tuned for that to premiere tomorrow.
Here’s a sneak peak though
Tim Valvoline Shoot 1969 Jeep Wagoneer

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  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    Looking forward to this, Jeff. I've been a Valvoline guy since a friend of mine turned me on to it in 1980. I'd been running Castrol GTX in my '78 Fox (and doing oil changes at 3k), when my friend pointed out things like the burned lobes on the cam, among other signs. After a year of using Valvoline, it was actually cleaner inside. Since then, I've used Valvoline All Climate, Turbo, Turbo V, MaxLife, and SynPower.