Hot Wheels Deora restoration will relax and impress you

One of our favorite YouTube channels is baremetalHW. It’s all about Hot Wheels. More specifically the hands and voice behind the channel is quite skilled at breathing new life into old, tired, beaten up Hot Wheels vehicles.
Today’s video shows the restoration of a classic Redline Deora. It’s from 1968. There are years of abuse clearly visible, and baremetalHW brings it to a whole new place. The old blue cracked and pitted paint work is removed and the refreshed Deora goes purple and black. A pair of surfboards once again ride in the bed space, and the glass is cleaned up as well.
It’s great to see such care applied to these scale dream machines. If you’re ready to get lost down a rabbit hole of this stuff, then you need to hit play and see where it all leads.

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6 responses to “Hot Wheels Deora restoration will relax and impress you”

  1. Papa Van Twee Avatar
    Papa Van Twee

    So, is this worth more restored, or in original condition? I like seeing things restored, but a lot say it needs to be in original condition, even when paint is chipped, etc.

    1. Scoutdude Avatar

      I’d say it is probably worth more now. Sure originality remains supreme and can command a premium, but usually it needs to be in very good condition rather than very poor condition like this one was.

  2. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wish I’d bought a Deora – I was eight when it came out. My older brother built the 1/25 scale model.

  3. JayP Avatar

    I’ve been following this channel for a while.
    Good stuff.

  4. Sjalabais Avatar

    “…whoever it owned it must have stored it indoors or away from moisture”.
    There’s a lot of joy in serious phrases like that. Got to love this!

  5. Sara Avatar

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