Hooniverse Overseas via eBay Edition – Who says the Germans have no sense of Humor? (Hint: They Really Don't)

I was going to save this posting for a “Last Call”, but I found something else for Sunday Night. In the meantime, I found these eBay listings on the German eBay site, and they are all quite humorous. It’s funny though, since this is a French business advertising on a German Site, so I guess the Germans don’t have a sense of humor after all…

I am just going to copy the translated listing for each of the auctions. Let’s start with this Triumph Stag…

Did this Stag caught a week ago in England on leave on the Thames! He dropped yet 🙂 Is … a lie! I also have not cleaned him out of fear .. it falls apart when cleaning! Of course … is exaggerated!
Our friends like James Bond in “Diamonds Are Forever” or Dustin Hoffman “in Straw Dogs” are driven to stay … at least in the movie! Take it seriously:
The Triumph Stag V8 3 liters was built from 1970 to 1977 only 25 877 times! It is possible … but ne major construction site! Get updated very often rust mainly on the hood and the trunk lid! Otherwise he is quite healthy! The windshield is cracked! Mass gap is ok! It is completely up to the bottom of the back seat … incl.Verdeck and hardtop! The V8 engine is partially disassembled but apparently completely! All parts are in the trunk! He has his 5 Originalalus! Easy roll and steer! Rest see photos!
He has no papers and keys (The year 1973 could well be the beginning of 1974)! But with the serial number: T30617LD and evidence showing a property (purchase agreement) gibts in Germany, no problems! He must be in France (near Vichy) picked up the trailer with us! Cash is not a problem on the spot! Overnight at us possible!
“Please keep in mind that you have completed a purchase agreement with auction win”
France is an EU country, there are no export formalities and not an inch!
Also look under “other items of the seller”! Love greeting Marina Wolter”

See the listing here.

The rest of the ads are just as cheeky. Here is a Ford Granada 2.3 GL V6 Ghia.

How about a Grouping of Four Mercedes-Benz Models?

What about this 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Convertible?

Last one, I promise. How about a Jaguar XJ6 MK1? Have fun with Google Translator, and let me know what you think of Ms. Marina Wolter. Here are some more images….

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