Hooniverse Asks- Which Uber SUV Doesn't Make You Look Like a Rich Tool?


Can you provide justification for a luxury SUV? If you can, there are car makers, including Porsche and Lexus, who would like a word with you. The thing of it is, luxo SUVs don’t provide much more in the way of room than a traditional high-end sedan, while typically offering poorer fuel economy. That of course hasn’t stopped their popularity, but it seems that the typical uber SUV owner is… how shall I put this… a D-bag. Look that up if you’re unfamiliar with the term.

Not only do most of the high-end manufacturers – like Mercedes, Land Rover and Porsche – offer such incredibly ostentatious two-box rides, but for some that’s not enough. That results in special, even more extravagant bling-filled editions, for those with even more discriminating tastes. Those typically cost more up front, but offer even more precipitous depreciation and the threat of people derisively pointing at you.

But what if you wanted something with added capabilities during inclement weather, a roomy hatchback body, and a certain level of luxury? What if that? Do you think that one of the Uber SUVs shuns its stereotype and would be acceptable to own without shame? What do you think, is there an uber SUV that won’t make you look like a rich tool to drive?  

Image source: carid 

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