Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Go-To Adrenaline Rush Car Movie?

burninrubber4 Apologies to Motley Crüe, but it sometimes takes more than an aged hair band to kickstart your heart. Sometimes it takes visceral visual cues that can only be provided by an awesome car flick, and as you probably know, the good ones warrant repeat viewings. I remember reading about the making of the movie Ronin, where they imported a bunch of RHD cars over from Britain, built fake instrument binnacles and steering wheels in them, and then put the movie’s stars behind those while stunt drivers drove the living excrement out of the cars – on the right, just out of camera range. That resulted in some amazing nail-biter scenes and looks of abject terror on the actors faces that apparently weren’t acting. That kind of emotion is easy to catch when watching a real good car chase or racing movie, and for today’s question, I want to know which one of those is your favorite for getting your heart redlining just like the screaming’ machines on the screen. Image source: TheMustangSource

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