Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Greatest Factory Special Edition?


You can always tell a car or truck model is getting a little long in the tooth when they start trotting out the special editions. Actually that’s not 100% true as some models get the special ed treatment from the outset, which doesn’t necessarily demonstrate that their makers’ have great expectations for the car’s sales.

Factory special editions run the gamut from individual model exclusives like the Bill Blass Mark V above, to the whole range parties like Ford’s Sprint package which was available on the Pinto, Maverick, and Mustang starting in ’72. That package’s blue over white color treatment was so cheery owners almost discounted how terrible the underlying cars really were.

Still, special editions don’t just gloss over basic flaws, they enhance the product and provide a sense of individuality in a sea of sameness. And today I want to know your opinion on what was the best factory special edition there ever was.

Image source: Future Classics

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