Hooniverse Asks- What Kind of Car is your Girl (or Guy)?

Yesterday we asked you whether you anthropomorphized your ride, and if so, what was its personality. Today we’re pulling a 180 and want you to objectify that certain someone in your life – and to tell us what kind of car they’d be.

While our significant others may object to the comparison, especially should the vehicle that most readily come to mind be a Mack truck or Ford Probe, we’ll just tell them it’s for scientific research and that actual names won’t be used. Hence without naming names, or having to spend the next week sleeping on your best friend’s couch, let’s get started. It’s hard to assign a mechanical parallel if you are unfamiliar with someone, but should you spend as much time with them as you likely would with a spouse or BF/GF then you start to see character traits which can be translated into the expressions of personality and quirks of their automotive equivalents. So, if your girl (or guy) were a car, which one would they be? Image sources: [hearseclub.com, Classictruck.com]

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