Hooniverse Asks- What is Your Favorite Car Museum?

Peterson Have you noticed that deTomaso Pantera prices have – on average – nearly doubled in the last ten years or so? That has come after decades of prices for the cars hovering in the teens and twenties. When Panteras were so cheap, owners didn’t think twice about modifying them – like throwing out the fiberglass trunk so as to better show off the massive 351C and ZF transaxle.  Admittedly, it’s a sight to behold, but good luck finding a replacement trunk with the right carpet nap these days, or worse, in the future. Panteras are now reaching a point of desirability that originally, or at the very least completeness, is a plus. Of course, who had that prescience two decades ago? You know who does? Car museums, that’s who. Car museums are the temples of originality and places like the Peterson, and the Mullin in L.A., or the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart are what let future generations understand the true experience of many cars that would otherwise be lost to the ages. Me, I like car collections that also let you experience the visceral aspect of historic cars, places like Merle Norman’s Nethercutt Collection, all of the cars of which are drivable. What about you, what collections and museums have you been fortunate enough to tour, and of those, which do you think was the best? Image source: Popular Hotrodding

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