Hooniverse Asks- What Classic Should Icon Attempt Next?

IMG_4413 ICON 4×4 is a Los Angeles-based fountain of youth for a hand-picked selection of classic trucks. Actually they do far more than just rejuvenate old four by fours like the Toyota FJ/CJ and Ford Bronco, they reinvent them to meet both modern expectation amid classic presentation. In addition to taking what are already some of the most venerated of classic four-bys and giving them new life, they also  work similar magic on the classic Chevy Thriftmaster pickup. Icon has been very selective in the models plucked from the past to be given such treatment. Of course those that they have picked so far have been cream of the crop, and like the first kids picked for a junior high basketball game, you kind of see the logic in the choice. But the question remains, now what? ICON does such a great job with their resto-mods that it would be a shame to see them limited to just the trucks they’ve done to date, and while I’m sure they have some cool stuff in the pipeline I thought it would be fun to dream about what YOU’D like to see their next model be. Would you like to see an ICON AMC Marlin? Or maybe an ICON Pinzgauer? The world is ICON’s oyster, which pearl do you most want to see them polish? Image source: ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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