Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck are You Amazed Isn't More Popular?

meangirls Were you popular in high school? It really doesn’t matter if you were or weren’t, once you get out of there you can pretty much re-invent yourself and the only lasting memory of those four years will be the grainy pink soap that was in the bathrooms for the first month of the school year and then never to be seen again. Of course your popularity, or lack thereof, was probably easily explained as high school has unmistakable strata of who’s in and who’s out. When it comes to cars and trucks, that’s often the case too. Seeing the debut of the FR-S/BRZ twins you pretty much knew that Toyota and Subaru had a hit on their hands. The only thing that seemed puzzling about that was why Subaru seemed content to let Scion do all the selling. Other times it’s less obvious why a car or truck is popular or not. Can you explain the Camry? Is it that much better than the Honda Accord or Ford Fusion? Why has it been on such a sales tear for the past decade? More often than that however, it’s the other way around, and there’s a car that you think is the bee’s knees and yet doesn’t seem to set many others’ hearts on fire. Those are the cars and trucks that we’re interested in today. What we want to know is which cars and or trucks out there you think should be popular, but instead seem not to be hanging with the cool kids. Image source: Agony & Ecstasy 

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