Hooniverse Asks- What ‘90s FWD Sports Coupe Still Looks Good Today?

Toyota_Celica_GT4_ST205 You know what was the progenitor front-wheel drive sport coupe? The VW Scirocco that’s what. Sure there were FWD two-doors before, but that seventies VW set the stage for an explosion of cars that would come in the eighties and nineties. Eventually almost all the small sport coupes that were once rear-wheel drive would switch over to sidewinder engines motivating the front wheels. Toyota’s Celica is a prime example, the small sporty coupes and hatchbacks ran through three generations before finally waving the white flag and going FWD as all of its common carrier classmates like the Corolla also made the switch. The late eighties through the nineties could very well be considered the golden age of FWD sport coupes, and most of that era’s stable came from Japan. Some were made available with AWD, but most if not all were heavily balanced toward the front. The number of FWD sport coupes today has dwindled to the point where you can pretty much count them on one hand. That’s kind of boring so what we want to do to close out the week is to jump in the way-back machine and think about those cars that were available during the heyday of the FWD coupes’ era, the nineties. Oh those were heady times. What do you think was the FWD sport coupe from that era that stood not just head but shoulders above all the rest? More to the point, considering how dated everything else is from that era, which ones do you think still look good today? Image: Wikipedia

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