Hooniverse Asks- If You Had the Money, What Classic Car Would You Commission to be Reimagined as a Modern Masterpiece?

Please allow an indelicate question; are you rich? I don’t mean like, have money in the bank, or are rich in love, I mean are you filthy, I couldn’t spend it all if I tried, rich. If you are the latter, then I have another question for you. Even if, like me, you do not fit the required criteria, well, feel free to play along.
Rich people can do anything. Seriously, you want to fly to Paris for lunch? Done. Organize a hunt of the last Loch Ness Monster just because? Why not. The only thing that most people ask of the obscenely wealthy is that they use their money for good and not for evil, and what could be a better use than commissioning a modern interpretation of a classic car, just for your own entertainment?
We’ve seen the results of just such an effort a couple of years ago when BOSE CEO and auto enthusiast Michael Stoschek got to talking with designer Chris Hrabalek about building a new Lancia Stratos. The Ferrai-based upshot of that discussion got a lot of other enthusiasts salivating, and it is only one of several reinventions of great old cars taken on by private – and super rich – individuals, fed up that the marque’s original maker has not seen fit to do so. If you are so inclined, and of the means, what classic cars would you reimagine, and how would you do so.
Image: lambocars

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  1. LEROOOY Avatar

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be sold as a motorhome, I would be content with just a van. A big, juicy van.

    1. I Think Not Avatar
      I Think Not

      Can I get mine with a 572 and all 6 wheels driven and big gnarly suspension for maximum adverturability?

      1. Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar

        Sure…not a problem.

      2. Vairship Avatar

        I’m thinking an RV version of this:

        Also good for freaking out people behind you on the freeway…

  2. Alan Avatar

    Easy. Ford RS200 Evolution. What would I use to underpin the modern version? No idea. I’m rich. Here’s some money. Figure it out. Don’t bother me with details. Get back to me when it’s done. Just, for the love of god, don’t use a WRX powertrain.
    Oh, and make it left-hand drive. I can’t operate a shifter with my left hand. Too confusing.

    Screw it, just go find me an original one.

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    I know, Volvo just did that, but I’d like to stay a bit closer to the original. Not sure how it would turn out though…

  4. Steamboatr Avatar

    A 2 door personal luxury coupe a la 1964-66 Thunderbird, high quality materials, modern electronics and driveline. Liberal application of chrome and glitz. NO mouse fur interior! Give it EVERY gadget known to the industry.

  5. muthalovin Avatar

    Hellcat ‘Cuda plz.

    1. Alan Avatar

      I suspect there are lots of Pro Touring/restomod shops that could pull this off for you with relative ease, and probably for less than $100k.

  6. GTXcellent Avatar

    I really like what ICON has done with their Thrift Master series, but I’ve been much more partial to the ’64-’66 C/10s. Give me a ’65 fleetside long box – oh, and the wheels MUST be 15 inchers

      1. GTXcellent Avatar

        obviously not like that. Little help here guys?

        1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

          I’ll give it a shot.

          1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

            Apparently, that didn’t work.

          2. GTXcellent Avatar

            so what did you do? I tried the old <img src…. way, and then tried to simply copy and paste. I'm not a very bright man….

          3. smalleyxb122 Avatar

            Same way as always (html). Unfortunately, with no way to edit after posting, you only have one shot at it, and won’t know if you have it right until it’s too late. I must have had a typo somewhere in my first attempt. The only thing I did different between the first and second comments was I gave up on the width adjustment for the second. (maybe it doesn’t like the width part, or maybe that’s where I missed something…the world may never know.)

          4. GTXcellent Avatar

            I think that’s it – the width component. I’m going to try it out

          5. GTXcellent Avatar

          6. Devin Avatar

            I did a width thing further down and it worked, going width=”500″ and it worked. Unless it only worked on this machine.

  7. roguetoaster Avatar

    It has to be the original Elan!
    No big styling changes, adjustable seating/pedals/wheel, outboard brakes, no larger than 15″ wheels, maybe 4 cylinder EcoBoost with a dry sump and some sort of super trick pop up roll hoops and integrated side protetcion.
    But since I am not one of the well-heeled I’ll just settle for a stripped out E30 coupe. Dreams, sigh…

  8. engineerd Avatar

    Bugatti Type 57C Atlantic


    1. Alan Avatar

      Man, I thought those penis cars in cartoons were just jokes. I didn’t realize there was a real one.

  9. Alff Avatar

    Renault R5 Turbo for me, please.

  10. Devin Avatar

    Imagine, a Citroen SM that worked properly and was reliable.
    It would probably have to be made by someone other than Citroen.

  11. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    If I don’t do it, who would?

  12. Geistkoenig Avatar

    The 250 GTO.
    Conceptually timeless, utterly beautiful, but just enough of an anachronism at this point that a modernized redraw would be an interesting and worthwhile project.
    Sasha Selipanov did one a few years ago that is amazing:
    Something along those lines, maybe using the mechanicals from a 400i or 412i (the last evolution of the Colombo V-12)…wouldn’t be painfully expensive to do well, maybe.

    1. Geistkoenig Avatar

      Okay, so is there any way to edit comments in this new/temp system?

  13. Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar

    1961 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible.
    Or a ’66 Imperial LeBaron ‘vert.
    The second one would have proper suspension & brake upgrades, along with a Hellcat motor connected to very muffled exhaust .

  14. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, has to be the twin-headlight version.
    this car is so damn cute. nothing else comes close. it looks like an excited little bumblebee.

    so pretty. i’m not sure what modern features would improve this car, but i’d make sure to keep LED running lights and the like hella much miles away from it. the big eyes are really the signature here.

  15. mr smee Avatar
    mr smee

    Jaguar MKII or Rover P5

  16. 330 4HL Avatar
    330 4HL

    Race: Lancia D50
    Road: Lancia fulvia HF

  17. Tomsk Avatar

    I’d go for a modern version of the W189 Mercedes-Benz 300d “Adenauer” Phaeton (i.e. four-door hardtop). Retain the basic proportions and details, but update the contours and shapes for the 21st century. Oh, and base the whole thing on a new S63 AMG.

  18. jayp2112 Avatar

    Ford Ranger with ecoboost.
    I’d make even more money.

  19. ptschett Avatar

    My pick has been on the market (in its reincarnated form) since 2008.

  20. EriktheAwful Avatar

    Ford GT40, with a lumpy-cammed naturally aspirated V8 and fat exhaust pipes hugging the transaxle. Modern fuel injection and a few amenities would make it The Perfect Vehicle. The new turdo-V6 is just a wannabe racer for rich posers.