Hooniverse Asks- How Do You Like the New Mazda Miata?

Mazda Miata Call me a heretic – no, go on, I won’t mind – but the truth be told, I don’t really give a cat’s caboose about the new Miata. To me, it’s going to be a Miata, plain and simple. That means a really well-handling two-seat sports car, featuring a fabric roof with a glass back light and some modestly swoopy curves. There’ll also be an engaging, but not too powerful, four cylinder as well as an available stick shift, the action of which could be a model for all other cars. You know, a Miata. You see, there are so many Miatas of all generations on the used car market that a new one – which isn’t going to be all that revolutionary a shift away from what has worked since 1989 – just doesn’t float my boat. The only thing that could have really got my knickers in a twist with yesterday’s debut would have been if they had gone back to pop-up headlights. That didn’t happen – and never will owing to regional daylight running lights and whatnot, but it would have been a nice surprise. As it was, the debut wa kind of anticlimactic for me. Let me reiterate that – for me. You are not me, but likely like me, you appreciate the Miata in all its forms and today I’d like your take on the new car. You’ve no doubt seen it and its specs – Skyactive direct injection engine, notably lighter than previous body, and no appreciable kowtowing to making it anything other than what you’d expect a Miata to be. What do you think about the new car, yea, or meh? Image: Mazda USA

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