Hooniverse Asks- Have You Found any Cheap Light-Performance Tires That are any Good?

Cheap tires Broadview Heights OH

There’s probably no more important part of your car’s handling and safety than your tires. Well maybe you the driver, and your mad skills are more influential, but your tires rank right up there. There’s not much we can do about you, but tires are an easy upgrade Unfortunately, in case you haven’t noticed, tires are pretty darn expensive these days, especially when you want something a little more than just keeping things from scraping on the pavement.

Now, I’m in the market for a new set of donuts for my 240Z and I’ll admit that I’m on a bit of a budget. I’ve already settled on some seemingly well rated and relatively cheap rubber, and I’ll report back on how that all works out. Still, I was curious if any of you have come across tires that are both wallet-friendly and able to withstand  a little aggression when called upon.  After all, we’re all friends, right?

Tires frustrate me because they are one automotive consumable that I can’t install myself. That means that I need to count on somebody out to make a buck to mount and balance them, and that too isn’t all that cheap these days. And I even offer to bring my own air! Considering the cost of tires, and the plethora of off brands that seems to populate the back corners of tire shops and service centers, have you come across any that you feel merit recommending?

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