Hooniverse Asks- Gullwing Doors, Brah! or Blah?

delorean with gullwing doors open small

On a recent Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Jerry Seinfeld described gullwing doors as ‘pretentious’ and only serving the purpose of having people ask who’s that? when they are opened. His guest in that episode, the dryly funny Patton Oswalt, joins in his derision, claiming that they are not helpful in the least. Still, despite the lack of comedic celebrity endorsement, I think that cars such as the Delorean – which was the focus of their scorn – the Mercedes 300SL, or Malcolm Bricklin’s eponymous Canadian folly wouldn’t have been half as interesting if each lacked their iconic portals. Well, The Benz would have, but you get the point.

There are a bunch of cool ways to get into your car, and of course seemingly the most ubiquitous of modded doors is the added Lambo-style, which I do find ridiculous in most applications outside of real Lamborghinis. But gullwings, or in the case of the rumored upcoming Tesla Model X, ‘Falcon doors,’  are tres cool in my book. Of course, we’re not here to listen to my opinion, our purpose is to give voice to yours, and on that note what we’re asking today is for you to opine on whether you think gull wings rock or – like the funny men – you find them useless and grandiloquent. What’s your take on gullwings, brah! or blah? 

Image source: CarTalk

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