Hooniverse Asks- Do You Follow Car Makers on Social Media?

automatic-ifttt Did you see that Tesla Tweet? How about Porsche’s post or Ford’s Facebook followers? Social media has invaded our lives whether we want it or not, and these new channels give corporations yet more ways to get their brands in front of consumers. Interact with us! Love us! Validate our existence! Buy our junk! You may very well use social media to interact with your friends – or even family members if the restraining order has expired – but what about with consumer brands? As your humble servant it’s kind of incumbent upon my position to do so, but you’re free, bright and 21, so you don’t have to. But what if you choose to do so? Do you interact with car makers over social media, and if so, what value to you feel your get out of the relationship? You can either comment down below, or you can snap that face to the tweet for an intsa-chat. Image source: agbeat

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