Hooniverse Asks Bonus: Is to Bad to Part Out an Otherwise Functional Vehicle?

1974 Jeep Wagoneer When searching for relatively rare parts from relatively rare vehicles, often times buying a donor vehicle is the most efficient way to get what you need. For me, I’m eyeing this 1974 Wagoneer for its front and rear axles. However, the intact “Razor” grill, AMC 360, TH400 transmission, Dana 20 transfer case and various other easily removed pieces will net an additional few hundred bucks. Lastly, the steel of the carcass puts it in the $200-300 range for the scrap yard. I’d probably get my axles for $0 plus or minus a hundred bucks. But then again, there’s only so many of the unflared, pre-wood, truly classic looking Wagoneers out there. I’m sure rust-belters are already cursing me through the screen. This one’s rough, but for the price it could be fixed up a bit and serve honorably for a few more decades. I hate seeing pictures from old junkyards, with (literally) piles of cars that we’d all (hopefully not literally) kill for today. I’d hate to be part of that, just to make a few bucks. So…are we–the havers of tools, skills and driveway spaces–obligated to save the weakest of the classic herd? Or are we free to prey upon them, as nature intended?

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