Hoonivercinema Bonus Music Video: 'I'll Be Your Mechanic'

Adam_Franklin At a time when it wasn’t cool to do so, Adam Franklin wrote rock songs for petrolheads, but not in the traditional style of “the rock ‘n’ roll car song.” Franklin’s band, Swervedriver, hardly resembled Jan & Dean or even The Reverend Horton Heat. Instead, the British quartet was influenced by the their British shoegazer predecessors, but they mashed it up with faster tempos, Franklin’s signature layered guitars, and kickass lyrics about cars, motorcycles, and the Last Train to Satansville. It was unique and perhaps because of its oblique nature, Swervedriver’s music unfortunately lingers in relative obscurity with contemporary American bands like Hum and Failure. Swervedriver broke up in the late 1990s and while they’ve reformed, Adam Franklin’s post-Swervies career with the Bolts of Melody has been nothing if not prolific. The music’s a bit more chill, but the guitarwork is unmistakably Franklin’s and the songs, well, they still tread the same rubber-marked pavement. Follow the jump for the Adam Franklin & The Bolts of Melody music video (in glorious 240p) for “I’ll Be Your Mechanic,” complete with some sweet mid-1960s footage culled from Prelinger Archives and from Claude Lelouch’s classic French film Un Homme Et Une Femme (“A Man and a Woman”). [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5Iv7S2f_Bs[/youtube] And for a bonus, enjoy a fantastic performance from Swervedriver of their classic “Son of Mustang Ford.” [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wIUm9LM93U[/youtube]   [Sources: Adam Franklin & The Bolts of Melody YouTube Channel, Moshcam YouTube Channel]  

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