Forza 7 revealed at E3
Turn 10 Studios is back at it with the latest installment in the Forza franchise. This time we’re eyeballing the trailer for Forza Motorsport 7, which takes things a bit more seriously than the Forza Horizon series. This will be a launch game for the also-recently announced Xbox One X. That’s the name of the latest version of the Microsoft console system, and it looks to bring super smooth 4K graphics to your television…
You don’t have one of those yet? Better start shopping if you want the cleanest looking games when everything comes to market this fall. We don’t know much about the latest Forza sim at the moment, but we will be interviewing the car-loving Creative Director at Turn 10 Dan Greenawalt later this week on the podcast.

What we can glean from the clip above, however, is that Porsche should play a big factor in the game. You can see the prototype WEC racers getting some love. Additionally, Porsche actually used the E3 conference stage to not only reveal the game but to show off a brand-new Porsche model as well.

That would be the brand-new 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which is a a 640 horsepower, rear-wheel-drive monster machine.
So while we wait for more news of the Forza 7 details to spill forth, click play on that trailer above to take in the super fresh frame rates, beautiful colors, and excellent in-cabin details. Also, if you have any questions for Dan just ask them below and we’ll try to get to them come podcast recording time later this week.

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5 responses to “Forza 7 revealed at E3”

  1. Froggmann Avatar

    Thoughts while watching video… with the sound off because I’m supposed to be working.
    Nice looking terrain, but not Horizon so kinda pointless…
    Obligatory female race car driver strut/stare.
    Bugs on prototype, nice touch.
    Pit, ok.
    Driver changes? Are we going to be able to team play?
    Rain graphics are pretty incredible.
    TRUCK RACING! *Jeremy Clarkson* YES!

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    What? No brown diesel wagons?
    In all seriousness though, this looks amazing. The stiffness of objects moving through scenery is almost entirely gone now. Impressive!

  3. Vairship Avatar

    Okay, who is mr.stealyourdog, and has he stolen your dog? Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Josh, he helps me on shoots and some other bits of content as well.

  4. crank_case Avatar

    Dirt 4 has just been released and Project Cars 2 was only announced a few days ago, looks like they’re trying to steal everyones thunder. I’ll probably buy it, but I hope they step up the physics/steering feel and do something to filter out the pile up in the first corner and then play bumper cars idiots in online races.