Fastback Friday – 1982 Volkswagen Passat 3-door


“It’s such an Antti car, that one he likes on Facebook”, said the girlfriend of Joe, the Colognese friend of mine whose photowork has occasionally made it onto these pages. It’s the Passat to which she’s referring, as I was linked the car earlier today and I went into total swoon mode, even posting it on the Brown Car Appreciation Society page. And she’s right, I’d daily drive the damn out of the three-door 1982 Passat finished in cardboard brown. And it’s even cardboard matte by now.

The Passat obviously needs some love, and there are no interior shots, but it displays such potential for perfection some VAG-head definitely needs to go pick it up from the southern coastal town in Skåne, Sweden, where it’s situated.


Certainly, the Passat is no ball of fire, as the four-cylinder 1600cc engine it appears to have only put out 75hp when new. But the car is reasonably light, so you should be able to keep up with traffic. I don’t hold any hopes of it having a fifth gear, though, as it’s only a CL spec.


The entire car is faded and the muck has stuck deep, but with a proper clean it should look respectable. Keeping in mind it’s only done less than 120,000 kilometres, how much restoration could it need? Nordic Passats are usually a lot more rusty than this, so it should be a good fixer-upper. The asking price is 10500 SEK or 1635 USD at today’s currency rates.

Regarding the sentiments of Joe’s GF, he’s adamant no-one else could possibly like this Passat as much as I do. Can that even be true?

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