Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Unusual Spare Tire Placement

enho-spares Cars typically stow their spare tires under the floor of the trunk. On wagons and hatchbacks, that location ends up below the cargo floor. If an SUV’s big tire won’t fit in the wayback, it usually hangs on the rear tailgate. A pickup truck’s spare is probably trussed up under the bed on a cable, or if the truck’s old enough, bolted to one side of the bed between the cab and rear fender. But some design teams go their own way and put the spare tire someplace else, someplace nobody else would have considered. Maybe it’s with an eye toward convenience, or greater packaging efficiency, or maybe the dang thing just wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Today, Encyclopedia Hoonatica is looking for all the non-standard spare tire locations the commentariat hivemind can come up with. Remember, read the previous comments first and don’t post duplicates. DIFFICULTY: Semi-sweet (55% cacao) [Actually, this one is super easy. If your favorite example has been taken, there have been several previous Hooniverse Asks posts you can mine for ideas.] Image sources: Autoviva.com BringATrailer.com OttawaHonda.com BringATrailer.com (again)

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