Hooniverse Asks- Where's the Best Place on a Car to House the Spare?


You know, one of the last vestiges of the automobile eras’ early days is the spare tire. Many cars have cast off even this remnant of potential on-road breakdown in favor of run-flat tires, but those haven’t yet become so ubiquitous so as to make the spare completely obsolete. Their enduring presence brings up the question of where is the best place to keep these ungainly space suckers.

I recently did an inventory of the five cars in my driveway/garage and realized that they are split 50/50 between under the trunk floor and under car, with one oddball that keeps the spare in the trunk taking up what meager luggage space the little car has.  Looking back on the 20 or more cars I’ve owned over the years. I’ve found that in my case at least, the trunk is the most common place for the spare, and that I’ve never owned a vehicle that keeps it on the tailgate or any other place on the exterior.

That’s a lot of locations to keep your flat-fixer, but of course that only scratches the surface of all the possible permutations of positions. Take for example that lovely Fitch Phoenix above, which keeps a pair of spares in its lovely lady humps inside (mostly) the front fenders. How amazing a design is that? If you’re not totally on board with Fitch’s solution however, you likely have a choice that is a favorite. If that’s the case, where do you think is the best place to keep your car’s spare tire?

Image source: Conceptcarz

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