GoPro does the 24 Hours of LeMons

goprobealemon I can’t imagine that there are very many Hooniverse readers out there who don’t know what LeMons is. America’s most prestigious form of motorsport has been featured on our little corner of the World Wide Web countless times as we’ve had both writers and readers heed the call of the lemon. We’ve even been used as a form of punishment by the esteemed LeMons judges. For those that have managed to filter out all things LeMons up until now or those who know about LeMons but don’t really know about it, the guys responsible for the GoPro YouTube channel have put together a quick video which will give you a great idea of what it’s all about. As you watch the sub-three-minute video shot from the perspective of a GoPro-sponsored LeMons team, you’ll see pristine sub-$1,000 race cars battle it out at the beautiful Sonoma Raceway as only LeMons cars can. This means there’s mayhem. Lots and lots of mayhem. Some familiar faces can also be seen, including one of the teams run entirely by friends of Hooniverse which I covered a while back (you can’t miss them). At the very least, you’ll get a huge kick out of it like I did. Click past the jump for the video.  

“GoPro… be a lemon.” – mhtinla

  [youtube][/youtube] [Source: YouTube | Image source: GoPro… with some edits]

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