This Korean Car Bed is the Solution for Long Car Rides and Seat Belts!

korea car bed Infomercials have an amazing ability of showing you how your most common of daily tasks, such as shaving, is complicated, tiresome, frustrating, and/or painful. Then they you how one simple solution can take that task and make everything so much better. In the end, the task at hand becomes downright enjoyable with one simple device (call now, and we’ll double your order!!). Everyone is happy, the missus and kids are smiling, the sun is shining, birds and singing, and all that shit. Reader Michael, known as mseoul, who lives in Korea sent in some screenshots of a local informational. This infomercial shows how an unhappy women and a child are riding in the back of midsize sedan. The woman is in true agony as she keeps that pesky seat-belt from strangling her to death. The child, too, seems to be tortured. The solution is simple – an inflatable mattress that goes over the back seat, with clever inserts/supports that go into the foot-wells. Those annoying seat-belts are no longer needed and everyone is happy. Safety is still  a major concern, clearly, and the inventors have thought of that, too! See that vertical inflatable partition? There you go, safety! This will keep your child from flying through the windshield! But wait! There is more!!! korea car bed uses The Whatever-it-is-called-Auto-Mattress also works in:

  • Your tent!
  • Your pool!
  • On a picknic!
  • In your portable gazebo!

It comes with:

  • Its own 12V pump!
  • Its own baggy!
  • Some other cushions!

It is:

    • Made of strong-ish plastic!
    • Water-proof!!
    • Air-tight!!!

korea car bed 2  

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