The Car from Kick-Ass…Kicks Ass?

It looks like a gaudy movie prop…and to be quite honest in many ways it is. This is the car known as Red Mist from the new film Kick-Ass. Hidden beneath the ducting and huge scoop however, sits a pretty awesome car. Want the stats? Click to Red Mist was built by the Hoontrepreneurs at Galpin Auto Sport, or GAS for those who love to abbreviate. The car started life as a standard ’08 Ford Mustang GT. Power from the 4.6L V8 is up to a superhero-esque 550 thanks to supercharging. The 20-in wheels (Front and Rear) are wrapped in Pirelli tires. Red Mist wears big shoes with 265s up front and 315s out back. An Eibach Pro R2 suspension setup helps keep the car planted along with the meaty rubber. A Basani exhaust system makes sure that everyone knows you are coming, and they will most likely know you are still in the area for quite awhile. Inside, the car has the typical bonus gauges, mood lighting, and two-tone seating that you would expect from a show car such as this. However, it also features a F1-inspired steering wheel and two tanks of nitrous. I believe the tanks are more for show but I will get clarification. When purged, they create (drumroll) … red mist. When you catch this movie be it in theaters, via netflix, or on TBS in three years – you can feel a little better knowing one of the main characters has 550 hp on tap. I wonder if one of the owner’s special powers is the ability to hoon the crap out of this car without getting a ticket? I wish I had that one…

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