Spy Shots! 2019 Ford Transit Connect

You know what is a very underrated vehicle? The Ford Transit Connect. Most people forget that this minivan/car hybrid thing even exists. That’s too bad because it is one of the most functional vehicles around.
It may seem small but it makes the best use of its interior space. The long wheel base version seats up to seven and has more interior volume than the Honda Pilot. It’s big side doors and hatch allow that space to be very easily accessible. 
Above and below are spy shots of the 2019 Ford Transit Connect. It’s shape is instantly recognizable which means that changes will be limited to front and rear fascias, powertrain, and interior. 

Similar changes will likely come to the Focus on which the Transit Connect is based. Imagine a new dash board with Ford’s latest infotainment system and safety features. Drivetrain changes will be focused on increased fuel economy but don’t expect a hybrid, electric, or diesel models, as cool as that would be.
Expect an engine with not enough cylinders, probably three. Expect a transmission with too many gears, probably ten. Expect the power to front wheels only. Expect only small business owners to buy these. 
I have a suggestion for Ford – create the ultimate Transit Connect by throwing in the Focus RS drivetrain. Yea, a small all-wheel-drive, 350-horsepower, cargo van. Just think about it, Ford. 
Big thanks for these exclusive pics to our Colorado-based spy photographer. We’ll forget that you missed the 2019 Camaro, no one is interested in that…

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15 responses to “Spy Shots! 2019 Ford Transit Connect”

  1. JayP Avatar

    I’ve seen the TC in traffic more often for civilian duty lately.
    Not a bad looking thing.
    Only if it had a manual transmission…

  2. MattC Avatar

    I have used these before for work. They are surprisingly capable work vans that get exceptional mileage. One downside of the current generation is the wide turning angle and very touchy brakes (it takes me several minutes to adapt to the pedal/could also be operator error)

    1. roguetoaster Avatar

      I can confirm, the brakes are very touchy, especially when cold, and I often find that I slam to a stop initially. The one I use for work is capable of carrying 30 bundles of shingles in a pinch, but cannot hold a piece of plywood! My largest gripes are always bumping my knee in to the center stack and the HVAC being essentially unable to blow air on the foot wells. The sun visors are also very nearly useless, sunglasses are a requirement.
      On the plus side, it’s been easy to service for the basic maintenance we’ve needed to do thus far, but an XL with no rear windows is far from ideal.

  3. Alff Avatar

    This would be an ideal vehicle for the misses’ floral business. At least that’s what I’ve been ring to convince her of. I’d like one… if I don’t have to drive it every day. Wish me luck.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      For that purpose, I’d almost have expected a different Euro-product in your driveway:

      1. Alff Avatar

        As a very practical girl, she’s already nixed the Austin A40 panel, Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery and a very nice flat front Econoline that would have made an excellent rolling billboard painted up like the Mystery Machine. She wants plain old Grand Caravans and nothing else.

        1. Vairship Avatar

          Make it a Mazda 5 and you might be happier to drive it!

  4. nanoop Avatar

    On the end note: I really do appreciate news about this car (there is a broad range of similar products from each European manufacturer, the French being most prolific) , the 2019 Carrmago is a marginal car here.

  5. Joseph Avatar

    I have a 2016 Transit Connect Titanium and enjoy it about 96 percent. Ford, please update the dash gauges because they are too low for an upright position/quick glance; second, the media layout needs to be redesigned-way too crowded and unuserfriendly; try incorporating a bottom seat tilt function like those found on GM seats and last but not least an all-wheel-drive system with a small turbo (190 hp at least) to keep pace with other vehicles on highway with luggage and 5-6 full-sized passengers (the current 2.5 four cylinder long wheelbase wagon CANNOT hold its own going uphill).

    1. Jason Avatar

      There’s a reason Ford only offers the Eco Boost in the SWB vans…. They want to try to avoid applications where the van will be fully loaded and the engine needs to run at high boost all of the time to get around. Diesels are made to be run all day long with boost, gas engines, not so much.

  6. Patrick Star Avatar
    Patrick Star

    That gray one in the picture looks really sharp! I bet Ford would sell thousands of those, just on the looks and practicality. This is what a small car should be – functional and practical (see: Kia Soul). I would rather buy this than a four-door Fiesta – what’s the point? It’s too small to be a four-door sedan.

  7. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i’ve long had the dream of “VIP”ing a Transit Connect. big machined wheels, black paint, tints, black leather, and little flags on the fenders.

  8. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    As the closest US market equivalent to our late and lamented Mazda5 I’m always interested in these, although the Mazda5 makes a better passenger car.

  9. Mainemoose Avatar

    Drove a fairly well optioned SWB XLT and a LWB Titanium. Enjoyed the performance and feel on the road. Load area of the short wheel base with rear seat removed is impressive. I liked the SWB version on the road better than the Long Wheel Base Transit Connect Wagon. Will make the perfect travel transport module for hauling bicycles not exposed to the elements, but just wish it would be more frugal with fuel. Here’s hoping Ford will work to improve this vehicle’s MPG.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      I really REALLY hope they realize it’s very close to the C-Max and incorporate those drive trains. That would make it close to my ideal next vehicle.