Remember the Corvette Museum Sinkhole? It’s Been 10 years…

In February of 2014, the National Corvette Museum found itself making national news. Not in a way it would’ve hoped, unfortunately. A sinkhole opened up under the Skydome portion of the facility and took 8 Corvettes down into the Earth. You can actually watch the event unfold because there’s security camera footage of it happening. First, the ground seems to buckle. Dust starts to glitter up into the air as parts of the floor disappear into darkness. Soon, the ground gives way as two Corvettes drop into the blackness below. Eventually, more would fall in, and when news broke, it wasn’t just those sure of New Balance foot that were mourning the incident, but all automotive enthusiasts felt pangs of sadness.

The cars, however, were recovered. After all, a handful of these were one-of-a-kind examples that meant a lot to the entire Corvette community. Over the following years, the cars would be restored to their proper glory. In fact, the Blue Devil Corvette was shown just one year after it went into the hole.

Now, ten years later, the museum has a new limited-run exhibit looking back on the event. It’s called Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined, and it features the recovered Corvettes along with personal interviews from those involved in the recovery of the cars. If you enter the exhibit, you can visit the sinkhole, which now has a viewing platform. Plus, there’s the actual boulder that smashed up a Mallet Hammer Corvette. That boulder is now located outside of the Stingray Grill, which is both funny and kind of awesome.

The exhibit opens to the public on June 14 and will run through September 15. So, if you’re going to be anywhere near Bowling Green, Kentucky, during that time, you should probably swing on over to the museum and check it out.

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