American Racing AR172 Baja Wheels Review

Aftermarket wheels are a commonly sought after addition for any car enthusiast, with the potential to completely alter the general aesthetics and performance of their vehicle. However, navigating the myriad options that exist, browsing tens or, dare I say for someone like myself, hundreds of different possibilities, can be a daunting task. For those currently or potentially seeking, allow me to introduce the American Racing AR172 Baja wheels; an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine durability and longevity with an aggressive appearance.

The AR172 Bajas are a standout choice first and foremost visually. Their classic eight hole pattern is an ageless look, similar to age-old “steelies” that have been found on endless trucks throughout the years. The Baja is available in two colors: Satin Black and Polished. Satin Black is a matte color, meaning it doesn’t shine and is a “dull” black, while the Polished is a classic chrome. The center caps are included, sporting the beautifully retro American Racing logo. They’re extremely easy to clean, which is fairly important after a day in the woods leaves them covered in mud.

Built out of cast aluminum, as soon as you lay hands on these you immediately know the manufacturing quality is exceptional. They are acclaimed for their durability, which for anyone planning to take their truck off-road knows is imperative. They are built to withstand any terrain it faces off-road such as rocks and mud, while thriving on less abusive on-road surfaces

The Bajas are available in three diameters: 15”, 16”, and 17” with each offering a multitude of bolt patterns and offsets. Offsets are an important aspect to consider, since they determine where the centerline of the wheel sits in relation to the mounting surface; essentially if the wheels stick out more or less, which also affects the width of the vehicle. A positive offset will bring the wheels inwards more, while a negative offset will bump them out and give a wider stance. A zero offset wheel means the mounting surface is equidistant to the inside and outside of the wheel. This impacts more than just looks, as it can affect handling- a more negative offset will improve handling in corners- and clearance from the body or other components. In the Toyota 4×4 world, it can also mean having to trim fenders or do a body mount chop to clear the tires, which is why a zero-offset setup like that offered in the AR172 is just perfect.

American Racing’s consistency and quality is incredibly impressive. They state the wheels weigh in at 25.31 pounds, which in and of itself is right in the mid to lighter end of the range for a 17” wheel. But the most impressive part of this weight though is the consistency. We decided to weigh each of the five wheels in our set, and our results were spectacularly good: the variation was less than 0.1 pounds from the stated weight.

For these- as is the case with almost any aftermarket wheel- you will need acorn or conical lug nuts, which differs from the Toyota OEM flat seat lugs. Most wheel and tire shops will have these in stock should they need them, or you can get them at any auto parts store or online.

American Racing does offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects against structural failure under “normal and intended use” by the original purchaser of the wheels. They also offer a Limited One Year Warranty which covers any defects in material and workmanship.  

For anyone looking, we emphatically recommend you consider the AR172s. The combination of outstanding build quality complements their timeless design, making this an excellent option in the wheel market, and one that fits perfectly on our Toyota 4Runner. The many different offsets, lug patterns, and two colors make this not just a great wheel, but an extremely versatile and accessible wheel. We love ours, and we think you will too. 

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