Phantom Z – the Datsun 240Z Shooting Brake

ZCon2014-104_Datsun-240Z-Sport-Wagon Yoshihiko Matsuo penned the first Datsun 240Z. What many don’t know was that he designed a whole series of Z cars, one of them being the above pictured 240Z Shooting Brake. The shooting brake obviously never made production but recently a ” Z restoration expert and owner of JDM Car Parts” created this custom car based on the original design. Here at Hooniverse we love old Zs, as demonstrated by Rob’s project and Jeff’s cross-country drive. This vehicle, despite being a longroof, has some of scratching our heads. Thoughts? Opinions? Source: Japanese Nostalgic Car ZCon2014-102_Datsun-240Z-Sport-Wago rear ZCon2014-103_Datsun-240Z-Sport-Wagon-

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