Hooniverse asks- What do you Think is the World’s Most Famous Car?



I’ve never wanted to be rich and famous, I’d rather be rich and anonymous. Truth be told, I have so many ne’er-do-well relations that any financial windfall would be followed by a tsunami of requests for loans never to be repaid, much like the situation faced by Bruce Dern’s character in the movie Nebraska. Sometimes however, fame – or perhaps in those instances it’s just plain notoriety – is offered without the asking, and there’s not much that can be done about that.

In the automotive world there have been more famous cars and marques than your can shake a dipstick at, although their growth in number seems to have slowed in the past couple of decades or so. Still, even today, a full century and change after the birth of the automobile, cars like the Tesla continue to make a name for themselves.

Which of those – across all the decades of the automobile’s venerated days – do you think is the world’s most famous? Is is Ford’s Model T, which put America behind the, albeit spindly, wheel? Or maybe it’s the Volkswagen Type 1, engineered by Ferdinand Porsche and intended to do for Germany what the Ford did for the U.S.? Yesterday we wanted your take on the world’s most famous motorcycle, and as logic would have it, today we want your take on the same question involving four-wheeled transport. What do you think is the world’s most famous car?

Image source: Clipart Queen

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