NYIAS 2014: All The Mazda Miatas!

2014 NYIAS-2

Mazda, for some reason, thinks that auto journos like Miatas, so they have brought to the New York Auto Show almost every significant Miata they have ever made. From the original stripped out 1990 model with steel wheels to race cars, tuner cars, and concept cars. 

All pictures after the jump, including one of Jeff being a little too happy. My favorite is still the coupe concept from the mid-90s. There is no sign of the all-new ND Miata, which is disappointing. 

2014 NYIAS-3 2014 NYIAS-4 2014 NYIAS-5 2014 NYIAS-6 2014 NYIAS-7 2014 NYIAS-8 2014 NYIAS-9 2014 NYIAS-10 2014 NYIAS-11 2014 NYIAS-12 2014 NYIAS-13

[Images copyright 2014/Kamil Kaluski]

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