Missed It: You Could've Been King with this 1961 Dodge Coronet

413 Hemi Cross-ram Dodge Coronet Seneca for sale Our campaign to Hooniversize the world is well underway, as evidenced by the actions of our own Mr Schmo. Alas, sometimes we come upon a great potential hoonmobile too late. If nothing else, we can used these Ones That Got Away as examples of what you could’ve bought for the price of a used Camry. So begins the series titled after what we did: Missed It. 413ci V8, Dual Quad Cross-Ram intake, 4-speed, 3.91:1 posi rearend. It’s hard to think of a vehicle you could wrap around that drivetrain that wouldn’t put us at risk for a priapism, but his Coronet Seneca…well, let’s just say we need a cold shower. 413 Hemi Cross-ram Dodge Coronet Seneca for sale The teal paint and swoopy rocket-age styling makes us want to don a sharp suit, fedora hat and use incredible power under the hood to outrun an alien invasion after a night at the drive-in. We could stash the Top Secret government-lab-designed ray gun in the humongous trunk.

413 Hemi Cross-ram Dodge Coronet Seneca for sale

Googie-era zeitgeist aside, the craziest thing about this ride is the price it sold for: $14900. No, that’s not the sub-$5,000 “too cheap to pass up”, but that’s crazy-cheap for a monster like this. Seriously, try to find another 4-speed powered super-clean-cross-ram anything for that kind of scratch (and if you do, drop us a line). If that’s not a reason to read Bring A Trailer, I don’t know what is. 413 Hemi Cross-ram Dodge Coronet Seneca for sale413 Hemi Cross-ram Dodge Coronet Seneca for sale The original completed listing can still be found on eBay Motors

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